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Tippecanoe creates vector tilesets from large GeoJSON feature collections. The output is an MBTiles file that can be uploaded to Mapbox.

Prebuilt binaries exist for macOS and

  • uses GDAL tool set for converting to GeoJSON
  • tippecanoe for converting to MBTiles & joining data


Tile-join is a tool for copying and merging vector mbtiles files and for joining new attributes from a CSV file to existing features in them.

Tippecanoe has a join tool called tile-join which takes care of joining CSV to GeoJSON.


Using brew

brew install tippecanoe


On Ubuntu it will usually be easiest to build from the source repository. For details and build documentation, please see https://github.com/mapbox/tippecanoe#installation.

For convenience, the build steps are summarized here.

git clone git@github.com:mapbox/tippecanoe.git
cd tippecanoe
make -j
make install

Test to verify install

tippecanoe -v

# sample response, the version number could be different
# tippecanoe v1.31.0


# sample response
# Usage: tile-join [-f] [-i] [-pk] [-pC] [-c joins.csv] [-x exclude ...] -o new.mbtiles source.mbtiles ...
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