4.4 WebP Compression

WebP Reduces Raster Tile Size Significantly

Not all Web Browsers support WebP

  • But since we are Mobile First, this is a don’t care
  • We built the WebP reader into our Mobile SDK for iOS
  • See our code and how to include a WebP reader for mobile.



iPhone App Size Study

Apple allows you to “choose whether you want to be asked for permission for downloads over 200 MB”. Data sampled October 2019

iPhone App App Size with
WebP Rasters (MB)
  App Size with
PNG Rasters (MB)
Mapbox Studio Preview 15.1    
NGA M.A.G.E. 20.7    
Offline Lower Colorado River 78.0 Native Offline✈️ 101.6
Offline Mount Whitney 99.1 Native Offline✈️ 169.9
Southwest Airlines 🗺? 101.4    
Offline Joshua Tree National Park 102.9 Native Offline✈️  
Instagram 108.2    
Offline Yosemite National Park 146.7 Native Offline✈️ 236.7
Whats App 155.8    
Offline San Bernardino National Forest 158.3 Native Offline✈️ 233.3
Starbucks 🗺? 159.4    
Schwab Mobile 176.5    
Amazon Prime Video 178.2    
United Airlines 🗺? 194.9    
Delta Airlines 🗺? 204.3    
Apple’s LTE cut off, Wi-Fi only after 200 MB
Bank of America 413.4    
Facebook 442.9    

🗺? - A good use case for Offline Maps for Mobile. Todo: Research their map strategy.

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