4.4 Compression

Compression and Data Reduction Techniques

Not all Web Browsers support WebP

iPhone App Size Study

Data sampled May 2018

iPhone App App Size with
WebP Rasters (MB)
  App Size with
PNG Rasters (MB)
Mapbox Studio Preview 14.9    
NGA M.A.G.E. 17.5    
Amazon Prime Video 54.9    
Southwest Airlines 57.2    
Offline Lower Colorado River 59.0 Native Offline 101.6
Instagram 76.1    
Offline Mount Whitney 80.6 Native Offline 169.9
Schwab Mobile 92.7    
Delta Airlines 93.7    
Whats App 105.3    
Starbucks 116.3    
Offline Joshua Tree National Park 123.5 Native Offline  
Offline Yosemite National Park 127.7 Native Offline 236.7
United Airlines 133.5    
Offline San Bernardino National Forest 139.7 Native Offline 233.3
Bank of America 149.3    
Apple’s LTE cut off, Wi-Fi only after 150 MB
Facebook 305.4    
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